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Learning English as a Second Language - ESL

All about learning English offered to ESL learners. Learning English better with General English from elementary to Advance, learn Business English, build English Vocabulary, Free English Grammar in Use, Learn to speak English with English Online Speaking, get ready for TOEFL test, TOEIC test and IELTS test for high scores.

Business English | Learning Vocabulary | English Grammar | TOEFL iBT | TOEIC | IELTS

There are two main parts which we would like to present to you:

Learning English Online

Learning English Online offers Free English lessons which mainly focus on four English Skills: Listening & Speaking, Reading & Writing including English elementery, Intermediate, and Advance level; TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS free inforamtion and tips for getting high scores in these international tests.

Learning English does not mean that you know all grammar rules very well and just can read the English material. Many people complaint that they spent years to learn English but they can not speak English. Therefore, we are going to offer ways that help you use English language effectively in communication.

We do understand the need of ESL learners and we mainly concentrate on all English Communication; especially Listening and Speaking skills.

Why do you learn English? What do you do to learn English? How much time do you spend to learn English? Find out more about how to learn English better here.

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Learning English as Second Language: Business English, Vocabulary, Grammar in Use, English Exercise, Reading Practice, Listening Practice…

More things to learn:

Business English

What is business English? Business English is English that is used very often in the business context. In this section, you will learn the most common words, phrases and expressions that are popular for business letter, business contract or that people use them in their daily business communication. Start Learning Business English

English Vocabulary

What is Vocabulary? Vocabulary is not just words. When we talk about our vocabulary, we mean the words we know and our ability to use them. There are four factors about vocabulary: Meaning, Pronunciation, Collocation, and Expressions. Learning English Vocabulary is most important because vocabulary helps most in English Communication. Learn English Vocabulary better here.....

English Grammar in Use

English Grammar in Use is about the basic Grammar structures that are the most common use in English Communication. Learning English Grammar helps you more in your writing. Let's start your English Grammar lessons….


In this section, you will have more information about the TOEFL; What is TOEFL iBT? TOEFL Test, TOEFL Score and Where you can Register to take TOEFL Test.
What to Expect on the TOEFL Test.
The TOEFL Test ( Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an internet based test designed to assess English proficiency in non-native speakers who want to achieve academic success as well as effective communication. Most people take the TOEFL test to gain admission to universities and colleges where instruction is in English. Additionally, many employers, government agencies, etc. use the scores to determine as person's English ability. It is not meant to test academic knowledge or computer ability, and as such, questions are always based on materials found in the test (computer tutorials are available for those not familiar with the PC).

The TOEFL Test is divided into four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Learn more about TOEFL and our offers....


TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication is a multiple-choice test of English for adult, non-native speakers of the language. It consists of two sections: Listening Comprehension and Reading. Each section contains 100 questions. Learn more about TOEIC test....


IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. It is an international recognized English language requirement for institutions of further and higher education. If your first language is not English and you wish to study in an English medium school, college or University, the institution will want you to know whether your English is good enough for you to follow the course sucessfully. This is when IELTS is used.

The IELTS test assesses your general ability in English and more specifically, your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. From the results of the test, the institution you wish to study at can see whether you are ready to start your studies immediately or whether you need to study English to prepare yourself for the language demands of your chosen course of study.

The IELTS test is written by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and is administered worldwide by the British Council and the Australian educational organization, IDP.

Learn more about IELTS.....

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